Welcome to INSaFLU’s documentation!


INSaFLU-TELEVIR platform is a free bioinformatics web-based (but also locally installable) suite that deals with primary sequencing data (Illumina, Ion Torrent and Oxford Nanopore Technologies reads) towards:

  • metagenomics virus detection (from reads to virus detection)
  • routine genomic surveillance (from reads to mutations detection, consensus generation, virus classification, alignments, “genotype-phenotype” screening, phylogenetics, integrative Nextstrain phylogeographical and temporal analysis etc).

INSaFLU-TELEVIR versatility and functionality is expected to supply public health laboratories and researchers with a user-oriented “start-to-end” bioinformatics framework that can potentiate a strengthened and timely detection and monitoring of viral (emerging) threats.



How to Cite

If you use INSaFLU in your work, please cite this publication:

Borges V, Pinheiro M et al. Genome Medicine (2018) 10:46



If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us: <vitor.borges@insa.min-saude.pt> or <j.paulo.gomes@insa.min-saude.pt>